Litecoin - Long Term

Litecoin in in perfect position for long term call
交易進行: 52.11
交易進行: Bulls are back. Setting TP1 at 57

交易進行: Bitcoin and Litecoin inversely correlated now. Due to high volatility I am not messing with her. And butcoin is expected to have a major correction soon. Means that money has a good chance to flow into ETH & LTC.

交易進行: Doesn't hurt to take some profits :) @ 54
交易進行: Took some profits at 55.1
交易進行: 50% of my position still open
交易進行: Setting next partial TP at 56.94
I will add back again if it falls down significantly after that.
交易進行: Closing 25% at 56

Any short term positions open with Litecoin, I am preparing to exit in this zone.
交易進行: overnight surprize

交易進行: I am expecting this to happen. Rest of my short term position closed at 56.94 I am still holding some litecoins for long term

I am expecting this to happen
交易進行: Looks like road to moon is already begun for the long term position.
評論: Still there could be a correction but long term holders need not worry.
手動結束交易: 61
I think LTC just broke away just now - and is going not up, but into unknown waters
Bulls-Eye BillMeyer
@BillMeyer, Waiting for the break or bounce in this zone.
BillMeyer Bulls-Eye
@Bulls-Eye, Damn... LTC is not bouncing... more like dropping. And BTC flat after looking like breakout. Me very confused now :-)
Only thing looks like
BillMeyer Bulls-Eye
@Bulls-Eye, I think the Whales froze the market. Or the Bots are recalculating or something. At least there seem to be movement again.
Maybe it was the Matrix that was glitching on us
Bulls-Eye BillMeyer
@BillMeyer, hope this continues :)
BillMeyer Bulls-Eye
@Bulls-Eye, Yip. Obviously we are looking at whole new whatever patter will emerge.
I think it had to do with the Japan / USA markets going a bit opposite directions for a while there...
Thanks for your analysis
Bulls-Eye timkarci
@timkarci, you're welcome :)
There she blows!!!!!
Good call!
Bulls-Eye BillMeyer
@BillMeyer, Thank you :)
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