$LTC Still Looking for $97 and a Good Entry Point

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Looking for $97 ( a good entry point) EW analysis to follow after this bull trap bounce - we'll see if we get it. #LTC #BITCOIN #CRYPTOCURRENCY
評論: Posted with LTC at almost $200 - did you listen???
評論: LTC was at $181 when we posted this and got the "wise guy" comments
@london55555 are you taking a position here or are you waiting for better entry point??
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Excellent analysis, thank you. What I like about you guys is that through all this, you never once deviated from your strategy, ever.

Now, when do we go long?
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@Hubris, i would ask the same question, probably ltc will dip more, london55555, do you have idea for a entry point ?
Big respect for the time you take to give your ideas and help people, bless. You!
Hubris VladimirBashovski
@VladimirBashovski, I thought it was expensive when I bought at $4 a while back!
@Hubris, Thank you but we din't trust this LTC so we're going to pass unless it gets exceptionally low and I mean in the low 30's but that's just us it certainly could bounce very hard here. Good luck.
Hubris london55555
@london55555, Yep, agree...I remember asking a while back...what's so special about LTC anyway?

I think to some people it's a novelty collectors item therein lies it's intrinsic value!
@Hubris, Exactly - all the LTC longs want to forget that the founder Charlie - to his credit- as he was selling at $300 warned that LTC could crash to $20 in a severe crypto downturn - they should have listened.
Hubris london55555
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good luck with that hahahaha
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