Litecoin vs USD

KRAKEN:LTCUSD   萊特幣 / 美元
432 2
Now we are in short term price descend toward $22 dollar after hitting descending trend line from recent high $37.8 and I think will hit ascending trend line from $4 low acting as resistance and will bounce upward from around $22. As for accuracy of this chart I can say that resistance in $31.40 was spot on so far till this moment, let see what happens with the rest of price action. I think next upward movement might break resistance and we reach new high price. Don't forget to keep eye on COINBASE:LTCBTC and BTCE:ETHLTC chart to convert but for now stay with $LTC as we don't have good ratio favoring conversion to either BITSTAMP:BTCUSD BTC or KRAKEN:ETHUSD ETH.
Don't forget to let me know your opinions

Good luck
If the pullback is more than or equal to 62%, does that mean it will keep going up trend? But your idea I do like, since I already cash out most of my coins and waiting to get back in at a good price anyways.
Move towards $22 as a wave E in descending triangle would generate very healthy fundament to continue growth after that and finally rally §through upper line of this triangle.
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