One of the last LTC entry points for awhile

Here we can see that we are potentially hitting one of the last, if not the last solid entry points for a long position with the Bitstamp launch coming next week. Here we can clearly see with the 20W and 50W MA's that our price is heading for the over-sold position, which lays ground for a bullish reversal. This idea is strengthened by the fact that we are literally about to hit our 3/1 Gann Line AND some support at the $28.40~$28.80 level as shown by the yellow line. On top of all of this our stochastic is about to hit the bottom threshold, which even further signals a reversal. There is just too many signs indicating a significant up trend to ignore so hop in right away. As of late you can see we are in a sort of consolidation period if you will (seen with the spinning tops and large wicks), we can observe what sort of confirmation we get this weekend and make our prediction on the future trend. We also have news of some big pumps upcoming so we should see some BIG action from Litecoin this upcoming week so fasten your seat belts and get ready to see some gains!
評論: Drop a like if you agree =) It helps me to share my predictions with more people!

So far we can see this trend is holding through, lets hope it continues!

We can see our trend is moving along nicely, LTC hitting the upper $32 range. I expect to see some dips before this trend continues into some new highs, especially around the $33+ region, but overall a pretty nice weekend coming along here for Litecoin.
評論: At $34.75 getting dangerously high fast, watch out for a potential dip here soon. Stochastic is at max threshold and price is immensely over-bought. What goes up must come down.
評論: We saw a huge dump over the last few hours, going down to $21 crazy. This was bound to happen however, because the unstable price rise was unsupported by most technical indicators and the price was massively overbought. This would have been a great spot for a short when we were around $34 I regret that I was not able to post about it earlier.
very nice dump
MichaelBlach cardan6006
@cardan6006, yup, what goes up must come down, especially when it went up incredibly fast.
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DarekJasica MichaelBlach
@MichaelBlach, do you have any expected tp?
MichaelBlach DarekJasica
@DarekJasica, hard to say right now, I would wait and see what comes with the Bitstamp launch and then make a decision from there
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Can you show me a screenshot of starting point of this Gann fan ? Plz
good chart. We have similar thoughts
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@MarcelV, yes I looked at yours earlier, very nice!
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Can u sugegst me reading material for this kind of anaylsis , like MA etc.. And Great ANticipation bro .. Good job
MichaelBlach johnkingturbo
@johnkingturbo, you can start off and learn some basics on YouTube, there should be some videos up there
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