LTC - I got one LTC in my pocket, the other one's giving high 5

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Stumbled upon some LTC. I'm deciding to keep it in my pocket for a while. So why not share my decision with the community on Tradingview?
Target 1: $750
Target 2: $2000

This is OccultMagnetism. Read about it at http://www.occultmagnetism.com
評論: Zoomed in:
評論: Look. Bounced exactly on a supporting ring and went back to the last supporting trendline at $143.9.
評論: This is good. It gives strength to the Fibonacci pattern that target 1 (at $750) is a part of.
評論: Zoomed out a bit more:
評論: Hitting next trendline...
評論: Filled up. Trying to break above 200 hour candles moving average (blue line).
評論: Blew through the moving average... Rocketing towards the next ring (marked in red) where another significant moving average (purple line) is hanging around. If it move above that level and is stable I think the LTC will get his strength completely replenished, which should result in a full blown bullish move.
評論: OMG there moving averages are so good to use together with OccultMagnetism... I'm two times more sure about stuff in general it feels like. Without OccultMagnetism moving averages are like a limp old man. They are practically made for eachother.
評論: There will be a noticeable resistance at $190 level.
評論: I think this sudden big rise in LTC is very temporary thing and that it will will retrace down again (base on looking back in time how it behaves when it rises it's not a normal rally). I think this rally is delusional. Also we have the $190 level that it hasn't reacted to yet (marked in red in the chart above).

Note that this is not trading advice!
評論: In the long run the target is still $750 and $200.
評論: $2000 (not $2000)
評論: ....... not $200.
評論: I think it will retrace to $190
評論: LTC is fond of my trendlines.
評論: Now it has visited $190 again.
評論: Hitting a support at $190.
評論: Looks like it bounced exactly on hte support.
評論: Will it continue to go sideways for a while?
評論: Clearification: I see a risk of it getting stuck in this stream pointing to the right... This would not be a good thing because of the packed (small distance between) rings at the right end of the purple arrow, meaning it could even go down after that. So we'll see if it gets stuck in this "steam" of trendlines or if it manages to break upwards.
評論: If it continues up it is likely to top at $166.6
評論: $164.8 pretty close.

評論: It can still go both ways. I don't know. It's just a resistance there.
評論: Resistances marked in red, support in green.
評論: My LTC pattern is now completely invalid. LTC is ignoring the rings. I suspect I will come back with an analysis for LTC after the summer. LTC is moving sideways until August (probably).
this is one of my favorite all time charts honestly...
Wow..ltc is fond of ur treadlines a little too much. You are the true master
@nmanglik, the long game sick, fam... he IS good
@nmanglik, I really SUCK at trading, so I'm a very bad master. I don't know what I'm doing and is still just a rookie.
well, if BTC is over $9000 for a few days... there is no way LTC is coming down... IDK! lol
BushraElhadiElsayedBushra BushraElhadiElsayedBushra

all about volatility these days... and in this case, your resistance (and the potential flexibility of this "occult magnetism") may garner a shift in supply qua news media/general info-spectrum
no offense but "F-the-MAs" lol
BushraElhadiElsayedBushra BushraElhadiElsayedBushra
was thinking mean value (break up or down) to 275... based on the average projected volatility... thinking along the lines of the transparency/implementation forecast for a buying facility and fork... *note: i very much respect your long position!
BushraElhadiElsayedBushra BushraElhadiElsayedBushra
so, if projected volatility is seemingly "higher" for the next week (hence a delusioned rally) = at some instantaneous point such volatility will indicate (arbitrarily mind you) a bear or bull trend from past data amidst the defined price fluctuations... just gotta decide the roc bruv and we're "silver"
BushraElhadiElsayedBushra BushraElhadiElsayedBushra
any sort of channel-like impulses would be a start... correction between 310-350?
BushraElhadiElsayedBushra BushraElhadiElsayedBushra
what merits a qualitative trading system to buy the rally on scarcity? lol
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