LTCUSD It is good time to buy at 230-220

Hello traders, Here I have checked the 4H chart
The price has had a correction move, after a long time peaceful, I predicted in my previous analysis and we got the price action!
this coin is becoming exhausting lmao, with everyone saying that it'll start moving up soon but it just doesnt. I won't sell no matter what but theres just so much false hope
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@zhraan, I know, I wouldnt describe it as exhausting because it is certainly going to do us proud in the long run. it is definitely boring however, but nobody invests in LTC for a rollercoaster.
cprime zhraan
@zhraan, i agree. ive held out hope because i like the coin, but while ive been holding out for it...other alts have rose to prominance that I also like and will likely shift over to....right after the moonshot everyone is predicting with LTC. ha! (I'm ultimately looking for $345-$360 range for my real TP range. )
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cctwb61 cprime
@cprime, Is that just a price you picked or do you have any indication that it could head that way sooner than later?
cprime cctwb61
@cctwb61, Just based on predictions on here and my own charts i've privately worked up...but I am *in no means* someone to give advice on trading it. been in crypto since september #totalNoob
@zhraan, You know with a long break in between, there is usually a very big rise. I don't mind waiting for this ancient coin. Usually waves that are so close to each other give you a much smaller gain. The period in between is very long so the gain should be around the 400ish to 500 levels... Remember, don't hold after that, sell sell sell, the 300's will be the new norm...
VBAmaster xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, it will hit 1000, without doubt
@AntiqueSoul, I have no doubt 1000 but not on the next rise, but it may be possible by the end of the year after two more rise and fall.

I'm betting on 400ish to sell and maybe rebuy back in around 300ish levels.
cctwb61 xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, I have about an average price of 270.00 right now. With this dip (hopefully thats what is) would you buy now?
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