LTC Staying Within Channel, Approaching End of Trend?

I have been trying to stay away from over-analyzing LTC for the past 3 weeks. I drew on these trend lines in early January when I realized that I was dead-wrong about the breakout, when it went the wrong way. It is fascinating to see that the candlesticks have obeyed these upper and lower trend lines , with this narrowing happening in the last few days.

Three times in a row I predicted a bullish breakout at the tip of the triangle formations, and it broke through the floor, instead of the ceiling. But this might be different. With the impending futures contracts ending on January 26th, I think we might finally see a breakout in the positive. If we don't, look for a new base in the $105 to $130 range.

I've gotten over my pity party for buying three loads of Litecoin at $285, $247, and $239. I'm not selling any time soon, so there really isn't any worry. These are "unrealized losses". No different than unrealized gains, when you count your chickens before they hatch (sell).

I'm eyeballing EOY 2018 for cashing out of LTC and moving on. I think the developments alone will cause a run once the news hits.
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