Consistent Patterns On LiteCoin,LTC With Consistent Profits

I'm new at trading but one thing I do very well for a living is analyze data.And just like trading one miss calculation and lots of money is loss.I don't know the terminology for what I'm doing or if there is one.But I must bee doing something right cause I keep making consistent profits.Here are the patterns I been using and I been making consistent profits daily.But one thing I must say and I will like for some one to chime in.
At the end of the triangle pattern I can't tell if the value is going to go down or up.I will like to know.Is there any indicator's or a way to have any type of ideia where is going?
All idea's,opinion's,tip's or suggestions, are highly appreciated.Thanks in advance


評論: The comment above is a miss type.Im new on here and learning how to use Tradinview.Im going to post another chart.With how Im going to continue.Hopefully I'll keep making profit.
交易進行: Heres a 3h candle chart Im using to look at the overall trend or bigger picture.At this point Im trading 1m candles,5m candles and 15m candles to determine the short term trend.Im looking to find support at about $198 and if keeps going down at about 175 or at about $158.I keep adjusting my trading as the trends keep changing.And All at the same time Im typing on here.

評論: Heres another triangle pattern I traded.While is going down.
評論: It's 10:52am.Looking at 1 through 15 minute candles to trade the down trend.Be back in a few.
交易進行: Now Im following this temporary down trend.
評論: Im continune to follow the down trend above and looking to find support on one of these levels to continue with the same method of the triangle.
交易進行: Time for a new topic.There was no triangle.But Heres a quick update.It found support at about level 1 at about 205.I managed to make 3 profitable trades.But on the 3rd one I sold too early.Minimizing profits but I rather make some money then lose money.
評論: Moving on to a new topic.But still trading on the same day.Waiting to purchase at about from 209 to 205.Trading the 1m to 15m minute candles.
評論: Another profitable day trading in the triangle.

評論: Waiting to find support at about 180 or 159.
MACD and RSI indicators can help indicate which way it's gonna go. I like the analysis and trade carefully, possible bears in BTC rn. I wouldn't be surprised if 9.8 or 10k by Sunday.
Rzitro KesslerSeitter
@KesslerSeitter, Thanks for the advice.I'm a start looking into MACD and RSI indicators.
look at the bigger picture, I think well go down to the neckline again from here over the next few days
Rzitro aformby
@aformby,I get what your saying. Started going down at the end of the triangle.From here on I will be trading on a down trend hopefully finding support at about $160.
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