Litecoin explosion is over! Short and buy back cheap!

Risk: low/medium

Litecoin has exploded recent days. We need to see a correction next days.
We have signal to correct further, if we close below 287. Be aware that 50MA (Purple line) is a resistance. We have already tested that line once.

Sell: Below 287 (Activated if an hour candle closes below this level)
Resistance: 276 (50MA)

Here's the plan:

Target 1: 245
Target 2: 230
Target 3: 210
Target 4: 192 (If coin drops further)

If we go up once again, we will sell around 330/320 levels, we can then add an extra target: 290.

After the short there will see chances to buy back litecoin at low levels, I'll keep you posted about that.

Let's play this game and maximize your profits!

Please, follow and like for more trading ideas.

Questions? Just ask and your feedback is welcome.

Good luck!
交易進行: 50ma is broken and turned in support. That's good news! 276 is a weak resistance level now. I'll keep you updated!
交易進行: Breakout confirmed. Let's hit our first target!
交易結束:目標達成: 24 hour low: 245.00 First target 245.00 We reached our first target precisely!
Hi Jelmerrr, Great TA! I like your style, keep up the great work!!

Would you please provide the update TA for LTC? still holding it as a big chunk of my portfolio, not sure if I should short it. Please advise, thanks!
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@leo3000, Thank you very much! I'll update this chart or post a new one today. ;)
leo3000 Jelmerrr
@Jelmerrr, Awesome, Thank-You!!! :-)
Still a good idea to short? its been hovering around this zone for a few hours now.
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Jelmerrr austinmfcoats
@austinmfcoats, Thank you for your question. The chart looks clear to me, so we can still short, but it is possible that we will form a lower peak if we go up one more time. If that happens, we can short from higer levels. (SL: 343) Keep in mind that there are differences in the charts of exchanges, before you enter trade and when you place your TP and SL.
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