Litecoin in a purple triangle. WHAT AM I GUNNA DOOOO?

Wasa wasa wasa wasa!

So not much to say here, just pointing out patterns here. Psychological resistance at 130, and 135, then 138 (black horizontal line) needs to be broken for me to be really bullish as that will form a nice higher high. Price is holding in high 120s nicely. MACD shows we could be extending into this range and could be due for short term price correction however. But support isn't too far below. Long term I'm bullish so I'm not trading within this range, I would hypothetically place buys or sells just above or below these lines, respectively.

Trade wisely, and don't use just this as trading advice. Use your own inner searching.
評論: The more I look at this the more I realize that a break above this triangle will be truly... truly... truly significant. I'd be going all in on LTC at that point until further notice. A break out above (depending on when) would be anywhere from >160 to 170. Target 500+ (mid-long term). I've noticed that breakouts time perfectly with big announcements... cooincidence?!?!? Doubt it, I believe big announcements are timed with expert charts like this :P
I don't know of any announcements to expect however, so keep eyes peeled, because a big breakout above these levels will again be truly... truly.... significant.
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