Is a CUP&HANDLE forming on LTC ?

Hi all,
please let me know your thoughts.
FA : LTC undervalued, network improvment and Charlie starting the marketing...
Good trades !
交易進行: Hope you enjoy the take off ....
評論: Just love push the play button on this chart :)
Buy Litecoin & Hodl it! Research Flat Earth on Youtube and Facebook. Get woke. :)
Very sketchy. Lots of traders and analysts are stating that the markets are unpredictable at this point. If Bitcoin gets that correction, that Ether/LTC are heading right down with it. I believe this is a more realistic future than BTC, LTC, or ETH "mooning". I do believe there is a bubble in Bitcoin, and that bubble is inflated with the over exposure on media.. news articles stating it will go to $50,000-100,000 a coin.. add to this LOTS of new, inexperienced investors trying to buy in and "ride the wave up" and lastly, bitcoin purchases on credit cards. When Bitcoin does correct, lots and lost these investors, mostly novices, will panic and short sell, thus losing money.. going negative on their card statements and causing a sort of snowball effect. It all looks nice, but, it went up way too much, too fast. This is why I see more investors going towards smaller coins like Stellar Lumens, IOTA, Ripple and making money there, because the big ones are much too attached to Bitcoin. You can bet when bitcoin comes down, lots of these little, useless coins will disappear. Warnings are out, be careful out there. This might be a time to pull your money out and just let the new year go by and wait.
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Payot BankofEngland
@BankofEngland, I do not disagree wiyh your comment.
A lot of people here on TV are confident, that a certain coin will go to the moon right away. The reality is that it can go to doom before that actually happens.
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iterius iterius
@iterius, That's why I don't understand why people always mark their forecast with a 'LONG' tag.
LTC seems to not so good investment. Cannot keep up with BTC when BTC rises, crashed when BTC slumps, lags on the upswing. For long position BTC seems way better than LTC. Finding it difficult to justify holding LTC at this point. All the hype the last few months.. the Big breakout just does not seem to materialise. Other Alt Coins overtook it in the meantime.
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i hope that target will be 130$ at EOY
it looks like it, but LTC is too dependent on BTC and fundamentals for something like TA cup/handle patterns to be good indicators. imo
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