public chart " see and say what u think"

POLONIEX:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / Tether USD
460 12
The style of participation is different

This chart is published in order to see the views of analysts and followers

Share with us what you think?

Bullish Or Bearish:)

We ask Allah reconcile and repay


Hi now that LCT has closed over $46.00 on the 4 hr chart at which level should one be looking to close the long trade before the next pull back .
@overtide, pass $52/ get $66/78
overtide HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, Thanks.
40, then up.
Why we ask Allah ? Allah it's Baal , Baal it's Belos , Belos its Veles , Veles its God of wealth riding on the bull, and his favorite friend is a bear , so I am better just wait a little
@U2017, Allah in my religion is not what you say
I ask you to read this topic

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Noobincrypt HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, we will see this is one idea, new highs will invalidate.
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Weekly Stoch RSI looks like it's oversold.
I feel it is going bullish been down for too long
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HamadaMark obainosoft
@obainosoft, agree with u
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