LTCUSD (4h): Why LTC could rise to 800? Steps: 365>530>800 USD

POLONIEX:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / Tether USD
In the last few days we have already seen 300 USD, as expected in my last post to LTC. The question is, what's happening now. According to TA, the LTC could develop and go up independently of BTC . Why?

Here are some facts about LTC that may not everyone is aware of:

China has instructed the Bitcoin mining industry to carry out a rapid and orderly deconstruction. This means that around 70% of the world's mining power will be no longer available. This could further slow down BTC's network and thus the transactions.

Most people are not yet aware of the technological leap by Lightning and its effects. Lightning will almost abolish charges. Wallet operators can make p2p payments securely and free of charge. Bitcoin Cash could become unnecessary because BCH has no Segwit and therefore no lightning.

The first stock exchanges that establish Lightning will handle instant transfer and trading between trading partners directly on the blockchain. Exchanging Litecoin for Bitcoin to Dash etc. is handled between the users of the different blockchains in separate channels. As soon as this is realized, there will be a paradigm change and the altcoins will all jump up to become lightning compatible.

What does this have to do with LTC now? Litecoin is already compatible with Lighting! And therefore it could replace BCH. And now let's take a look at the price of BCH and compare it to LTC. Any more questions? ... Lightning is developed with absolute high pressure and a test network is already running successfully. This could be the Game Changer 2018.

With this technology in the background, LTC is one of a kind. The distance to the main competitor DASH will be significantly reduced. Let's compare the price with DASH, no questions should remain unanswered.

The only unknown in the TA is time. LTC could rise sharply. The time frame is open. No one can say whether we will see the 800 USD in February, but it could probably be. Current, we should have reached the bottom.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)

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@leondb, sure
Can you update this idea
+1 回覆
btcinvests jovani7919
@jovani7919, look above. thx you for remembering.
+2 回覆
Do you think LTC is going to stabilise at some point?
btcinvests DariusKarremans
@DariusKarremans, ltc = moon imo
Any updates on LTC?
btcinvests DariusKarremans
@DariusKarremans, will come. look at my new post at btc. same situation.
@btcinvests, Thank you! If we get to 800 ill donate more LTC to your CRYPTO CRUMBS FOR CHARITY.
btcinvests DariusKarremans
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