LTCUSDT - Double top!

BITTREX:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / Tether
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Price action has formed double top . Buy above 82.5 with the stoploss of 79. Targets are 86 and 89. Sell below 77 with the stoploss of 80. Targets are 74 and 71.
Sep 09
交易進行: Short
Sep 09
交易結束:目標達成: Targets done.
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Dear vanathi garu,

pls see the stock iam given here pls do update's .

Doji Candle Stick Study... Ceat - can't predict exactly follow the given levels

I don't no how to post a stock here, iam given Ceat Buy above 1731 with the stoploss of 1720.Targets are 1745. 1765 and1781. Sell below 1725 with the stoploss of 1730. Targets are 1710, 1694 and 1681. 1. If you are bullish wait for the price action to give entry for long. 3. If you are bearish , wait for the price action to give entry for short. 4. Enter when price action breaks 15 mins high/low.

@siva72, Who gave this call to you?
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