a lot of people shout about LTC!! after we gained 1150% :)

POLONIEX:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / Tether USD
a lot of people shout about LTC let see what Star tell us? after we gained 1150%

this not first time for LTC to make many people happy

we was shared 3 maps for ltc this year

-First, long call was from $28 to $350 end with 1150% of profit enjoy with chart


-Sec one gained 200 %

-third one gained 500%

i will be very sad if this first time for you to see our charts

but what about now many people shout about LTC they want it at the moon !!! really LTC got the moon :) now you want it to move to another Outside The Galaxy ^_^

simple and easy look for the last map that one was gained 500 %, and looks for the high level it`s $699, so maybe ltc move to another Galaxy.

just simple

pass $ 466 and close daily or weekly i prefer weekly target will be $ 699

So you can join now and make $460 first target and confirm break up, you can enjoy watching Star War with LTC

-Set your own risk you are very late.

-Stop limit under $233 if close under this level weekly or daily


(1) $466

(2) $690

Tip of the Day

Do not buy at the Summit, inevitably optimism be exaggerated at this time.

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: LTC_BTC analysis
評論: LTC usd updates check charts
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

Be a trader, not a gambler, by following risk/capital management!!

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We ask Allah reconcile


Salam alaykoum Bro .I want to thank you for all your analysis .But i don't understand , do you suggest us to sell on 260 and rebuy on 108 ?!
How is this possible, is it a correction ?!
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HamadaMark HichemMalki
@HichemMalki, first update was private and done the sec one for current movement and u are welcome bro :)
Dear Hamada, thank you in behalf of the community; for the great technical analysis, followup and guidance you provide! As always, go with "the original" :)
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HamadaMark alpakal
@alpakal, Thanks, Dear brother Alp always kind words come from good people like u
Thanks bro for your analysis ...
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Hey thanks for sharing !
I know that you cannot predect the futre but I like to have your opinion :))
when do you think we will reach 690$ if it happen ? beofre 31 december ?
HamadaMark ilyes1505
@ilyes1505, maybe yes
football3958 HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, enjoy watch star wars love it
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