MAID/BTC Near bottom - Up to 100% profit potential

POLONIEX:MAIDBTC   MaidSafeCoin / Bitcoin
308 7
Bittrex is delising this coin on March 9th , I think Maid can be a profitable trade. This is also traded on Poloniex.

I'll update this once we get some sort of trend reversal confirmation.

Entry: 3000-3800
TP1: 7900
TP2: 13000
評論: As charted, we bounced off support. Lets see where this ride takes us!
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You can margin that on Polo. Short it before the desisting and long it afterwords. Crazy rich people would buy maid and margin using it to compound the gains. I will do that with XLM when the bull market returns.
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@sykes, this!
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I don't see this bouncing back right now. Look at what happened to Bitshares when it got delisted from Bittrex.
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davec83 CryptoFrank23
@CryptoFrank23, BTS went crazy after it was delisted! not right away, but it did. So did RISE, when I talked about it at 1900 it got to 5200 in 1 week. I'm not saying that MAID will do the same, but price is pretty good at this point.
@davec83, I bought Bitshares right after it got delisted. But really at that time it hit a bottom. Same stuff happened with MTL when it got delisted. It didn't go up at all. I don't see MAID going up before the 9th of March.
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