MANA +77% target 0.00001776 BTC in 20 hours or less

BINANCE:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
HODL'ing MANA while I sleep, because I see it's already been through retracement tonight after it's rally and appears to be a stable place to hold coin while sleeping on this day. Rally should begin before I wake, which would be great. If it doesn't, I'll likely move coin back to TRX and continue that rally tomorrow after the retracement completes while I sleep.
交易結束:目標達成: Closed up after sleeping. Moving back to TRX for higher gains.
評論: New target here:
Hey guru, any updates on MANA from today to another 3-7 days
What do you mean "target reached"? I see a high of .00001440 on binance over the last 20 hours/
kadsan aircastleearth
@aircastleearth, I agree the target was not 1440...
@kadsan, it was 1440. I sold my coins @ 1343
Tin.Foil aircastleearth
@aircastleearth, I never expect any TA to be 100% on the dot. If you can successfully reach the full target consistently, great. But I will always try to sell just before the top, because I don't want to be selling on the downward slope during consolidation and correction, because the 61% fib retracement can come up VERY fast. Sell just before top and you'll be fine.

Also keep in mind that each exchange is different, so you need to consider that targets may vary from 10-20% from exchange to exchange. Often I will TA on Bittrex, but trade on Binance or some other exchange.
Hit it thanks!
Hey Tin, i have a question, can you explain to me a little bit about RETRACEMENT. Thanks !
Kub0Lo orozzky
@orozzky, try to google 'define retracement' ;)
Tin.Foil orozzky
@orozzky, Fibonacci Retracement.. often after a rally, we'll see a drop down to the 61% fib retracement line. This means that you may see 100% gains and then lose 61% before the bounce and the next rally begins. This is good if you can sell at the top and buy again somewhere between the 50-60% level. It's more risky than HODL'ing, but it can compound your gains, so you are able to build your portfolio faster and exponentially with time.
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