MCD inside day after ATH and 200.00 fig

Despite the market fluctuation, MCD is trading at its all time high level, which is quite in-play as a super relative strength pick!
Here we got this inside day after all time high before the 200.00 fig that had been tested once.

2 choices out there:

1. buy the inside day breakout
2. buy the 200.00 fig breakout

In this case, I'll prefer the 2nd one as there might still be huge size at the fig spot,
not really want to buy before the fig broken!

Well, so this trade will be a "buy at all time high" trade lol.
Let's see how it goes yo!
May 12
200.00 broke to the upside! long entry,
Put my out below 193 and see how it goes yo!
May 13
Another inside day after all time high as the market's slumping?
Nothing but respect to the Big Mac yo!
Thanks for nice idea captain
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