Comparison between MONACO & TenX

Here we clearly see how Monaco & TenX start pretty similiar.

Sadly, there are many people waiting for their Cards and development procrastinates, while Monaco delivered a working product to the customers.

TenX stays in the beginning trust zone, which Monaco long breaked through thanks to a fully working product. They are DELIVERING!

However, both will innovate in the future, and i´ll keep an eye on the battle of these two.

Theres always profits to be made in battles like this.
評論: Remember: if TenX performs only half as good as Monaco, we are at +1000%
交易進行: Monaco Cards arrived at people with no "Visa" written on it.
To be exact, Visa got removed from everywhere.
Still People are able to actually pay with their cards while TenX still hasn´t delivered.

Market reacted pretty fast to these news, check out the drop of Monaco which is right now in a retrace.

Monaco and TenX seem to be pretty much correlated. This Battle can become more interesting, and many profits are laying here.
評論: News came out that TenX and Monaco are only allowed to deliver cards to People in Europe.
@HansWurst31, and i hope that in the future only people with 10+ GOOD ideas are able to comment.
@HansWurst31, yes, that is interesting i just wanted to post that to the other comments. There are videos of TenX card paying with several Currencies in some restaurants.
Only these videos are all by TenX themselves.

Monaco Cards i have only seen on pictures yet, all on telegram. And they are all without Visa branding.

i´m very excited about the development of these two, and will keep a close eye on both.
Also check out my TenX Chart:
Correct, I believe this is backwards and altogether quite strange, TenX is the product which actually has delivered, Monaco along with metal (MTL) both have no live products so to speak of as yet, but that's the market for you!
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CRYPT0NAIRE kaertrolled
@kaertrolled, in the communities where i am, mostly big telegram Groups people received their fully working monaco card, and payed things with it already. While many many people wait for their already paid TenX card without knowing any information if and when it arrives.(including me by the way, waiting since months).

But this is not what this is about here:
TenX basically HAS to deliver. And im pretty sure they will deliver. Whats interesting here is, that if TenX performs only half as good as Monaco we are talking about a 1000% here.
And THIS is whats the interesting point.
@CRYPT0NAIRE, Those are just rumors, and they removed the word VISA off everything this morning... Hmm I wonder why?
@NadimDayoub, i know, that is absolutely true the word visa got removed. BUT people received their cards and was able to pay with it. However, Market reacted to this with a good drop, which is retracing at the moment.

If Monaco fails, and value gets transfered from Monaco to TenX, this can become really interesting. There will be quite a lot of profits to get out of this battle.
@CRYPT0NAIRE, I just don't like how you are saying "TenX performs only half as good as Monaco" without no testing. Also, the CEO has scammed a lot of people already before with a different company.

Company he scammed with

More info:

Yeah it's making money now (stealing from uninformed people due to FOMO and twitter/reddit hype), but it is pure shit.
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