Monaco heading for a new BTC ATH in January

BITTREX:MCOBTC   Crypto.com / Bitcoin
BITTREX:MCOBTC will be a good coin to hold longterm.

BITTREX:MCOBTC is following Elliott Waves . The bigger (orange) wave is built of smaller waves. If this is all natural growth (no pumping, unexpected announcements, etc. ), I'm counting on about 50% profit from 0.00111

Monaco's milestones page shows they are sending out their crypto prepaid cards soon. This would lead to massive adoption, since the premium cards (which have some good advantages) are only available to people who hold BITTREX:MCOBTC for at least 6 months.
This is why I believe it could reach at least 70%, possibly more.

Monaco card CEO has released info saying their card will be available around march 13th. Get your buys in!
any updates on this one?
Much appreciated!
Hi, i think the first and the second wave have finished and we are i the third one. What do you think? Is therean update of th chart and wavelength required because you didt draw the lines ri8ght this time. But good work, i appreciate it
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