MONA/BTC - Monacoin is going through a second wedge

BITTREX:MONABTC   MonaCoin / Bitcoin
There is a second wedge for the Monacoin chart. It finds resistance at the 50 and 200 day Moving Average. Once it has gone past the 100 day Moving average it will test the 100 day as new resistance and go up just like it did before. Let's go to the moon (and back, so be aware) It will reach at least 150000 Satochi before February this year.
what are your thoughts now its dipped more? thanks
@alabomb, Monacoin has some good technical specs, it took all the good technical futures of already existing coins. When Mona is published on more exchange websites it would be very good for this coin. I would say it is more a great oppertunity for the long term because you can't say for sure when it's going back to it's normal value again.

If Monacoin drops way below 40k satochi i'm not going to invest anymore cause I like to keep my investments short-term.

Like to hear what you think about Mona!
henry7696 Tradingkings8milli
@Tradingkings8milli, to be honest, the fact monacoin still isnt listed on places like binance, bitfinex or even poloniex is a worry. there`s little to no community and the development is stagnant. There isnt even hardware wallet support...moonshots will require at least some kind of fundamental push, rather than relying on technicals, going into 2018.

@henry7696, Monacoin hasn't even got an official published white paper so I agree with you, but when some volume kicks in on Mona and it gains some popularity great things can happen because of the low price. I'm still not convinced of buying in yet, only when it gets some volume back and it has found some support at the Moving Averages.
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