Very Conservative with this Monacoin Analisys

BITTREX:MONABTC   MonaCoin / Bitcoin
208 8
With an all time low MACD indicator on the daily.

Mona is looking like wanting more... The sellers are gone, we need new buyers, the volume is not showing up yet, BTC keeps ruing Mona imperial's views.

Take care, set stop losses, it could happen any time now.
I'm seeing some signs of life on this one. Moving up. Someone has a 72 btc order in below ask on Bitrex. Not sure if its a lure
igorgue Braulio789
@Braulio789, I'm sure it is, 72 BTC is huge for MonaCoin is way more than the daily volume!
igorgue igorgue
It's actually breaking the pattern today, which is a good sign, I wanna be wrong with the timing that's for sure :)
Braulio789 igorgue
@igorgue, keep watching it. volume is picking up. thinking of adding more if breakout confirmed.
JpHenry Braulio789
@Braulio789, i think a lot of people have missed the bigger picture of this coin being traded in JPY. on Zaif you can see the charts clearer, and 920-940 yen has been a critical support which has held for weeks now. It keeps bouncing off of it, and is about 70% down from the all time high in JPY. The only thing containing it right now is uncertainty with btc. This is probably a good time to set up longs in mona (but be sensible, obviously).

Over the next couple of months Im expecting volume will pick up considerably on the JP exchanges.
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igorgue JpHenry
@JpHenry, Yep, that's what it got me originally interested into it back in May last year. Here's the chart at Zaif if anybody else is curious https://zaif.jp/chart_mona_jpy?lang=en
JpHenry igorgue
@igorgue, welp! it clearly has broken all support in the universe lol. lets see what happens over the next few weeks and come back to this lil gem later.
igorgue JpHenry
@JpHenry, See how crazy this market is :D
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