MTLBTC - Metal testing resistance, chance of breakout - Bullish!

BINANCE:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin
MTL has really really bottomed out.
The only way is up!

WaveTrend showing upwards
MACD pointing upwards

And is it me or the new oscillations very similar to the ones occurred during 11th - 16th december.

If resistance broken, expect the price to test 700 sat levels
評論: Bitcoin crashed - every alt crashed!
TA can only help you so much. These crashes are something you can't predict.
Just gotta laugh and stay positive.
Remember: Whatever goes down, comes up. That's the cycle. Simple.
評論: Metal broke out of resistance and this has now turned into a support.

Still great price to buy MTL
invested 20k yesterday down 13%, Lets pray or my kids will starve
+1 回覆
Dropped my life into this, how am i looking bought like 3 hours ago :-)
PB604 susnjar95
@susnjar95, big mistake
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