mtl ( 100 % ) potential trading idea .

BITTREX:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin
98 4
technical analysis .

coin has breaked the support formed buy 50 wma then have retrace which might give us a very good entry point , all indicators are turning up , reached the bottom , reached a strong Fibonacci levels .

the coin coin has just break the previous swing high so it very safe to enter now and hold .

our targets " based on Fibonacci levels " .

0.00198 ( 100 % ) .

" this is the only goal we are chasing because there is no upcoming events or good fundamentals "

this trade don't have a stop loss only holding .

fundmental analysis .

Market Cap
11,674 BTC

Volume (24h)

1,434 BTC

Circulating Supply

19,300,994 MTL

Total Supply

66,588,888 MTL

i will update every target and we will try to catch the top .

a will be updating this coin until reach the goals .

be updated for more .
評論: hold at least for half a month .
評論: 5 % profits until now , keep holding to goals .
手動結束交易: unexpected delsting , try to sell with minimum losses or transfer into other exchange , keep updated
評論: we almost reached the bottom here so transfer into other exchange and wait to sell with small profits .
Still hold?
@Lepro, noo delsting from bittrex , if you in a big loss you can transfer to another exchange
Lepro D-shadow
@D-shadow, Huge losses.
@Lepro, sorry ti hear that , sudden delsting news caused the price to crash , any way you can transfer to other exchange and wait for the price to come up , and try to choose an exchange with high trading volume
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