Metal - MTLBTC - 900-1200% Profit. (Sitting on low support)

BITTREX:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin

MTL             just finished a complete ABCDE correction downwards and a full emotional market cycle.

It moved lower than it's previous low.

Volume has been starting to pick up.

They're rebranding their website and redoing their brand.

It's holding strong on the support line as it's moving upwards.

There is a possibility of getting relisted on exchanges. This one looks good from a long term perspective.

Buy in:

First Target: .00096255
Second Target: .00139418
Third Target: .00174303
Fourth Target: .00209189
Fifth Target: .00258856
Final Target: .00322123

This is a long term hold. You must be patient to allow it to move through the ups and downs as it starts to move upwards.

Sell at any time as it moves upwards.

Do not be impatient. If you buy in, then plan to hold.
niraj2323 mattremay
@mattremay, dude you’ve commented this on every mtl post. Everyone knows. That’s why they are buying
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"Do not be impatient. If you buy in, then plan to hold." <-- couldn't agree with this more for MTL. I bit the bullet and sold at >50% loss on a big investment days ago. I expected the growth to be so slow that I'd be better off re-investing in other alts and expected to recover the loss faster than if I continued to hold MTL. Sure enough, that came through just 4 days later. I have to admit that I don't have a lot of confidence in MTL short-term, but like @jacobcanfield says, it may be a good long (and I mean LOONNGG) term, if you have the coin for it... I think the prediction is good. It'll just take quite a while to go up again, and you have to be prepared for that.
@netrin, look at the fundamental behind it,the main release of Pay is in 45days.thats not very 'long' ive been in and out of this coin before,i can feel the buying pressure ahead of the release this time. its going to be huge as per chart
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