Hi-Tech Medical+Robotics Play w/ $10 Stable, Transition Range

With brand recognition and consistent sales in place, Mazor has stated that 2018 will be a transition year for them, not growth. Therefore, expect the company to aim for stability as it continues to spread its products. Per the last call: "2018 is expected to be a year of transition and our performance is expected to be driven primarily by increased revenues from the expanding installed base. Long-term, we would anticipate the installed base to expand considerably during the length of the global distribution agreement. Over the next five years, the largest result is a cumulative purchase of hundreds of Mazor X systems, which are expected to significantly accelerate procedure volume and growth."

Overall trend lines have been followed from 2017 into 2018 in a balanced manner. Some weakness definitely showed up after such a quick run-up into the -now- low part of this year's fib chart. A good period of accumulation presented itself before another push higher in January gave it momentum (along with everything else in the market). February hit, but the stock did not tumble horribly. It had one more push higher that went way beyond what anyone, anywhere was expecting. Forums were happily confused. As such, a LOT of profit taking took place and rightfully so after all the volatility that had been in play. Regardless, the company's fundamentals have not changed and the stock is now back to its previous, stable 2018 levels.

This is an excellent range to start a small position, as I expect the stock to continue trading back up close to $70 again with positive market momentum. Anything around the $56 level, where the stock has successfully bounced off of, is great for accumulation. A great company with an excellent product, vision and fundamentals makes holding this for stability within its range (and with opportunities for breakouts with ANY good news) a great pick for 2018. Technical trading within its $10 range ($58-68) is great for those who can time the market.

--Additional Backstory--
Mazor is a hi-tech, medical robotics company that specializes in creating systems for assistance during spinal surgery. Everyone knows that surgery is an expensive process and back surgery is extremely costly, difficult and more common than we'd care to imagine. The two systems that Mazor has developed and begun selling (in conjunction with Medtronic) are state of the art and well known within their field. While 2017 was quiet at first, the company began to grow in spurts with a huge push, in part from Medtronic, near the end of the year.
I thought fibonacci levels were to be ignored if there was no bounce off the 50% or 61.8%? As far as trendlines go, it's certainly stayed above the main uptrend, and created a new uptrend. I see RSI showing a slight bearish divergence, which depending on financials released on 5/9 may show a reversal back to previous resistance.

Seems like a decent buy in level currently, pointing to a lower potential buy in relatively soon, on the 1D chart. Price may hit $50 before resuming uptrend. If financials are solid, this may be enough to catapult upwards regardless.

Thanks for the info! Now I checked it out! "For the three months ended September 30th, 2017 vs September 30th, 2016, Mazor Robotics reported revenue of $17.20MM vs $7.63MM (up 125.39%) and basic earnings per share -$0.15 vs -$0.16. For the twelve months ended December 31st, 2017 vs December 31st, 2016, Mazor Robotics reported revenue of $64.95MM vs $36.38MM (up 78.53%) and basic earnings per share -$0.51 vs -$0.84. Mazor Robotics is expected to report earnings on May 9th, 2018. The report will be for the fiscal period ending March 31st, 2018. The reported EPS for the same quarter last year was -$0.22. The estimated EPS forecast for the next fiscal year is $0.76 and is expected to report on February 13th, 2019"

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