NANO FINALLY broke a new high

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The graph says it all. When Gary Tan ( VC for Coinbase) starts tweeting about a crypto, you know people are going to buy it.

Stop-loss: 75K (tight stop).
Target: 98K
交易進行: Consolidating nicely below 90K. We will likely pump to 100K soon and bounce off it, so target of 97-98K is appropriate. However, I'm long term bullish on this asset so its a comfy hold either way. I'll probably just buy back at a discount at around 92-93K.
交易進行: Needless to say I reached my target but before I could even close a position it bulled right through!

Still have an active position, but a lot of indicators for a short term reversal back down to the 95-100 range before a massive bull run. Just waiting for a signal to exit, first.
交易進行: I mean, wow. Still no strong reason to sell, which is just. I won't pretend I expected this quick of a rise, here.

交易進行: After we broke 150K I set my stop at 145 and went to sleep, which was triggered during the run down.

I bought back in this morning.

It should be noted there's currently a LOT of rumors floating around in discord servers about some big news tonight. We'll see if they come to fruition. Always a good idea to keep your ear to the ground on these things...
評論: A few pictures that show likely future action:

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