NCASH - Fresh New Coin on Binance.

BINANCE:NCASHBTC   Nucleus Vision / Bitcoin
Hey, I am here with another chart for today.

Looking at NCASH, added 3 days ago to Binance has been falling for 2 days, yesterday we saw some nice Elliott Wawe, made solid 40% on trade.

Okay, so NCASH is a new coin that has 4,8k BTC , 62k ETH Volume in 24h,
the market value is currently at rank 1183.
What does that mean? We are looking for a huge breakout any time soon, maybe today, maybe tommorow and maybe in a week.

About chart.

Yesterday NCASH did Elliott with correction, meaning its corrected and ready to rally again, Currently in a Descending Triangle .. Being in a triangle indicates some higher price action upwards or downwards..
As for now, RSI is really great, good buying volume , not that much sells.
MACD can make a move and cross.
Fibb is low, we can go higher

Good buy for me would be 322, I am already In.

Thats about it, let me know you opinions down below, Good luck trading!

NCASH has bellow 300 to 291, you could stop loss here, I am holding and waiting for a breakout.

Possible rounding bottom or cup and handle.
評論: 14 millions NCASH by wall at 290 sat, VERY strong support, 291 perfect buy.
評論: , Just got really nice overbought, if we can keep rsi higher than 48, NCASH can climb, rouding bottom or cup and handle is possible.
評論: Down trending, failed Cup and Handle.
TiborVrbovsky CristianJanier
@CristianJanier, Espero que haya encontrado una buena posición
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