NEBL - are all trades now gonna be so easy?

BINANCE:NEBLBTC   Neblio / Bitcoin
The chart is in itself self-explanatory ...

I am in crypto mostly from the beginning of the bearmarket (or just few months before ... however only the Bear forced me to make my first TA analysis and learn fast).
Is this easiness and predictability something to expect from growing market?

I love the rythmicity.. boundaries of the parallel channel (little bit exponential), how the traders respect the RSI and the Fibonacci.

That does not mean that something unexpectable cannot happen. However, with this ... I was able to predict sooo many swings in so manny coins recently. Of course that I also check the bigger picture and more detailed picture before making trade .. however even this few patterns make it easy to start :-)
S$weet :-)

Enjoy $weet trading :-)
Not really that easy :-) .. I have sold my position anyway :-)
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