Pennant forming: NEO breakout

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
Neo will breakout soon, it double bottomed. Will test resistance that coincides with fibonacci retracement , likely pull back after that. Perhaps it will bounce back up to reach target 2.
評論: Forgot to add: in case the market turns really really bearish and the support line breaks: 0.002 is the next supportline. Stoploss around 0.003 for safety.
評論: We're on the verge of it bouncing off support or crashing through. Very curious what this candle will do.
評論: Stop loss at 0.0025 in case support breaks. Buy upon 1 candlestick confirmation that it bounces off support.
評論: Support broke. Buy opportunity at 0.002 soon.
評論: It indeed hit 0.002, then broke out of pennant upwards, bounced off 0.382 fibbonacci. Now it will likely go to 0.236 until it can go to 0.618
評論: Close to hit 0.0084. Expect pullback before it attempts to go to the 2nd target.
評論: If it closes above 0.0084, strap yourselves in for 0.0114.
交易進行: TARGET REACHED, I did it guys! It may move to next target if candle closes above 0.012
交易進行: It's going for 0.014, which is the next target. Since it's really overbought now, I expect a pullback to 0.0114 before it may continue to climb again.
評論: THIRD TARGET REACHED. Expect pullback: overbought.
Neo has so much potential and by the time most people realize it, it will be as expensive as ETH/XMR
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