Long term NEO call.

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
848 3
Redrew waves using the linear scale. End of wave 5 soon, possibly correction. Should be violent based on the week's movement but with all the new FOMO investors it may not be. I think the end of the downtrend is coming but the overall drawing ( h&s pattern) is speculation
評論: Trade progressing nicely as you can see. Expect the unexpected. It's possible to go even as low as 0.003 if we consider this 5 wave impulse to be wave 1 of a larger wave and the current correction to be wave 2. Wave 2 can go as low as wave 1 and still obey the rules.
評論: Currently at the right shoulder of the pattern I drew, expect sharp downturn today if this is the right call. Also in my original update I meant "end of uptrend" not downtrend obviously. Tiring week.
評論: In addition to the head and shoulders we have a symmetrical triangle forming. As you know this is a neutral pattern, but given the h&s accompanying it I'm expecting it to break downwards
H&S played out perfectly. We're moving towards oversold now and godmode has been pretty low for a while. Could see some pullback today but overall I still think lower. Probably need to test 0.008 and re-evaluate

Reversal pattern here, interesting next few hours

Broke it downwards. Down we goooooo
手動結束交易: Closed, expecting bullish now, correction should be over
Hit the bottom I called originally
Real nice analysis, it's following your line closely.
workhardtomakemoney workhardtomakemoney
Why the spike afterwards to 0.015? A new wave?
jgj workhardtomakemoney
@workhardtomakemoney, Thanks. Yes, wave 3
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