NEO/BTC searching for great buy moment

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
It already broke down 0.236 level on 4 hour chart

Based on MACD future crossover and past crossovers I guess it will descend more...

If it goes back to 0.236 retracement and breaks it up , then trangle wil no longer be valid.

I know this chart has to go deep down in a short period for this triangle to cross but who knows...

I will keep an eye on NEO, will be a part of my portfolio for 2018 for sure... just searching for a great oppurtunity to buy in

On the other hand, it already has had a great correction by now (as well as the whole market) and I am actually suspecting a pullback for all alts within a monht.

I am curious about all your opinions on NEO and want to know what I can expect according to you.

Just an amateur here playing with charts

評論: As I thought, the 0.236 level was broken up, new triangle could be drawn somewhat more to the right
I am trying to do the same thing. What do you think about the gap at 0.075? Does it need to be filled?
@BTCJEDI, actually I don't know. But NEO just had a great upward movement, so the triangle in this TA isn't valid anymore in my opinion. You could draw a new triangle somewhat more to the right
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