NEOBTC - Buy & Hold

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
NEO does, however, have a huge potential to be a very profitable investment. I consider it to be one of the riskier coins in my portfolio, but I believe in the tech and will continue to support the project.

A few reasons why it could be an amazing investment:

First Chinese blockchain, Chinese tend to favor their own tech over Western tech (see Alibaba vs Amazon)
Smart Contracts similar to ethereum but without having to learn a new coding Language. Smart contracts can currently be written in C# and Java.
I believe they are rolling Quantum Resistant Crypto (Lattice based cryptography)
thank you for the analysis!
Tradewonk wudatavawi
@wudatavawi, My pleasure
Thanks for the wonderful analysis...
@kdbsfu, My pleasure
Please keep posting analysis, thanks!
@bofayq, Thank you
Agree, buy hold forget about it, china's ETH to have for fundamental reasons as you list above
Just bought some NEOETH 30 minutes ago. Good points!
Tradewonk HeeSukYoon
@HeeSukYoon, Thank you!
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