NEO/BTC - When are we going to break to the UP??

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
Right now we are holding and waiting on NEO. Need to see some daily close up over resistance zones.

Day Chart Update

Indecision candle forming and that sell wall is big. NEO still waiting on upside confirmation. We'll watch 4hr to see if we some good news coming.

4hr chart showing new bear candle forming. We'll wait to see how that plays out. Right now RESISTANCE IS STRONG IN THIS ONE!
評論: Sorry on the sell wall. Didn't realize you can't see it. Either way it was HUGE!

Above is daily from today. You can see a large bearish candle (engulfing I believe) forming today. We are getting down to test support on the .0118. .0118 lines up spot on with the up trendline and monthly/weekly support which may prove to be a bit tougher to get past if price is trying to go below. We'll need to see what today closes as. If it breaks below I'll be watching for confirmation and potential entry points.

Current 4hr chart.

We closed below trendline on the 1 prior candle but were unable to break support. The 200MA played support as well just below support on .0118. We have a bullish candle but finished w/ some selling pressure, notice the long wick. A new 4hr is starting bearish but time will only tell. Based on th order books there is plenty of buying power at support to prevent downside. We are going back up off the trendline.

I believe in NEO and would enter anywhere long these levels. Dollar cost average into a long position is what I've been doing.
評論: LOL . I take that back. a crazy huge sell wall has formed.

how about we just say we need to see where the next 4hr closes to determine direction. above trend is favorable.
Please share a good buy in
I wish to invest for longterm

tripjscrypto Dieter1983
@Dieter1983, If you are long term, then I think now is as good as any. My NEO thoughts are + years on it. If long you mean day / week(s) long then again anytime now. I think we are going to see NEO go up pretty quickly and fast just not sure of the take off, within a week ?
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