NEO and possible entries.

1152 6

NEO is in full down mode and new entry opportunities with new trend.

Remember Patience is key.

This is not intended to give a financial advice but a educated Idea.

評論: My order did not fill by a very small amount. Lowest was 120 I had a 118 order. Don't forget scalping. You will have more gains. :)
評論: I hope you are enjoying NEO :)
評論: NEO looking interesting. Will we get another entry perhaps?
評論: NEO gave me a second entry. How nice!!
評論: NEO DOING GOOD AS EXPECTED. Congratulations if you buy them on the dip

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BTC 1KxijktWyZKkvtAJqDrH7QDiM9ER8Tg23e
broke that lower trendline and now below it, very bearish, listen could some of these alt coins be telling us something, they are generally weak here, am i missing something? Ripple is dead money
@TomPower, no you are not missing anything. As I said. I was expecting a lower price entry so that is when you do scalping lol finding the right entries are the tricky part lol I already sold NEO once going for the second time, you think a couple of dollars will make a difference now. :)
Can I enter now? GO to when?
ChartsOnTime giovanazcoin
@giovanazcoin, I did just expect some retracement to 119s
possible higher low there now, although most of the alt coins are underperforming against BTC
@TomPower, just get the gains when you can and renter when a chance is given If NEO breaks the trend line then we are at a bad place for neo
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