Neoscoin NEOSBTC - Large Cup & Handle. Pump & Dump? Probably

POLONIEX:NEOSBTC   Neoscoin / Bitcoin
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Pretty obvious Cup & Handle formation. Already broke above the neckline today and retraced - it's bouncing around right now.

Stochastic looks has some room to go up.

Volume doesn't really match the pattern, but this is a very low volume coin.

Target would be well above the ATH .

Listen...like I said this is a low volume coin so it's very prone to manipulation. It probably wouldn't take much for a small whale to paint that pattern. So this could be the setup for a massive pump & dump. Not that you can't make a ton of money in a pump & dump, but it can turn around on you before the panic fart even leaves your buttcheeks.

Just feel like I needed that disclaimer in there because I don't want to get anyone too excited and ruin their day/life.

Anyway...Watch for a breakout with some strong volume . This one is a total gamble, if it takes off don't get in too deep and make sure you SELL while it's still going strong.

Be safe!
交易結束:目標達成: Done and done
@Oops_I_Charted great prediction!
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