$NEOS - Hardfork 31 Jan

BITTREX:NEOSBTC   NeosCoin / Bitcoin
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Hi Dears,

This coin is very special coin and their team always kept promises according to the roadmap and now, there is a hardfork in 31 Jan 2018. Now it's in buy range after x2 (0.00137) so we should take advantage of this oppurtunities.

You can check the targets in the graph. Now the coin is in support level to going first target 00.0137 again accordingly fibo.

評論: Targets are below;
1. 0.00091899
2. 0.00100127
3. 0.00108356
4. 0.00120071
5. 0.00134993
6. 0.00178087
7. 0.00247818
8. 0.00317549 (New ATH)
評論: For Tips - If you believe me, If you make money with my opinion. Please send me tip;
BTC: 1KbjLvhmWgZjd29q7xBaz9rqWKaUsV13qK
LTC: LUC1Yth3kwg2tqTx3tagVG9bWZkAf3CACp
ETH: 0x87e9189d32d7a6c33aeb5b950577e807ee0b9119

Best Regards
評論: It hit our first target 0.00091899 as 0.00091 but I won't sell in the first target. My goal is keeping it until 31 Jan and wait. I want to watch it like a hunter and when the time is up, I'll attack to sell button.

評論: Great double top as 0.00091. Good move. Hunt's moving.

Always kept promises? Bruh, the reason it retraced hard af is because they hardcore missed so many deadlines that they stopped using deadlines in general.
gao92 jshade5
@jshade5, Neos v1 was released on August 24, 2014 – 3 weeks ahead of the promised date set in the ICO due to community demand. With v1 came many features, a lot of community feedback and much room for improvement. On October 3, 2014, Neos v2.0 was released and our vision of what we wanted Neos to be came to fruition. Well after several weeks of hard work, I’m finally able to announce the release of Neos v2.0.1! The primary focal points of 2.0.1 were performance, improved anonymity, and community requests. Regards.
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