NEO/USD opportunity to buy !

Here we have NEO/USD on the 4H chart.

NEO/USD price noting a strong gain of 55.26% over the past 24 hours, the market has suddenly turned uber bullish once again. It is also worth noting NEO regained 25.83% against Bitcoin in the same period, which is rather interesting. In most cases, the NEO/BTC ratio would effectively suffer from major losses when Bitcoin goes up in price again. So far, that has not happened whatsoever.

It is worth noting the NEO price has seen a nice drop over the past seven days. With its value surpassing $140 a week ago and then quickly dropping to $65 (06-02), the NEO price has been on a lot of people’s radar for many different reasons. With this low price point becoming apparent, a lot of people bought NEO as a way to further diversify their portfolio in the process. A lot of money will be made throughout 2018 for those who buy cheap and hold long-term.

Let see if NEO can brake the resistance at 125$.
$725m in 24-hour trading volume , there is a solid demand for NEO as of right now

It is good to see altcoins bounce back so strongly, although it remains to be seen how things evolve in the coming hours.

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