NEO Bullish bat, weekly central pivot target 1

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Neo has set up a nice looking Bat pattern an is currently retesting the 78.6 level. Assuming this holds the first target is the missed weekly central pivot above. In fact similar patterns are setting up all over crypto. So they will either all work and we make a bunch of money or they will not in which case set your stop below X.
評論: Gartley dooooin its thing! Target is $172 which is the 78.6 of the high(15th Jan) which will actually be a Gartley to the down side. A is 61.8 of the high(15th Jan).

In case that doesnt make sense. draw a fib from high(15th Jan) to low (17th jan) and you will see the 61.8 C and the soon to be D at $172
評論: this BAT "worked" in that it took out A so you can say that this was a successful Bat pattern. interesting thing now is price is heading up to 78.6 of a much bigger pattern. will post a separate idea on that.
交易結束:目標達成: pattern worked perfectly. A was taken out 30th Jan before price fell off again.
Thank you for you great work man.
You are not very popular now but your work is great. Just want to let you know that there are some people for whom this information is good enough to consider. Also Me often look at your ideas and take some things that make my trade more profitable.
Wish you good luck
@lj_4b, thanks... happy to share :) soon i will do one video idea post a week... will be cool. watch out for it
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