Consolidating Flatline on NEOUSDT (?) The Back Blocks of Bittrex

Ok, I'm going to break this NEO down..

We have a rise into an Inverse Asymmetrical Heartbeat IASH .. See Bitcoin examples over last three impulses where the ASH which has an Eve as top and Adam as bottom has produced awesome gains in price over the year.

Following the rounded Eve Bottom we hit the axis of the IASH and begin the Polar Volume Mighty Mouse Lightning Bolt Right Crossover (X).

Price currently sits on the axis of the two patterns.

A Flatline is ensuing.. Look deeper with higher definition (reduced candle length) and you will find a tug of war between bullish and bearish heartbeats and mightymice.

Patterns like this, us heartbeaters call Tug of War.. and we wait for the bearish one to show it's head.. possibly suggesting we are in a bullish market overall. Stay alert dear investors !

I hold my position of long !

Let's see what happens !!
評論: This I now call the "Sea Horse!
評論: what does this say? we all wonder
評論: there is no silver bullet!!!
評論: We create something beatiful and they hurt it
start there
評論: Y
評論: Yeahhhh !!!! go Neo Go !!!
評論: That is so awesome !!!
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