How NGAS reacts with harmonic patterns -- hindsight challenge(1)

FX:NGAS   天然氣 (Henry Hub)
One thing that the analysts in this business will be challenged forever is about hindsight.
Even the simplest single EMA system can look outstanding when it comes to the happened candles.

While, for a mature system trader, what we really focus on is two questions:

1. "Do the patterns match the definition?"
2. "What exactly is the trade? (at least with an entry and a stop loss) "
3. "Is the trade triggered"

One of these 4 trades is a simple hindsight that didn't really match the definition of the pattern,
Let's try to point out which one it is if you know exactly how these trades work yo~!!


Large and small back to back 2618 trades yo!

800 pips rally!! What a 2618 yo!
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