Nifty Gann Analysis

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50指數
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Dear Friends###

Yesterday Report"s Target was 7965 and 8100 Nifty High made 8082 .

We are short 20 points from our 2nd Target,almost Achieved.

What Next??

Now Nifty at Resistance of 8100 at every 25 points up upto 8150 and 8200.
i.e 8100-8125-8150-8200,support at 7980.
評論: Nifty Gann Analysis
HI, Thanks for all your efforts.

I am trying to understand while drawing a gann angles, what is the starting point. If I am drawing on a day candles chart, do i need to take the lowest point or lowest close, etc for a bullish and highest close / highest point for a bearish ?

Can you please put Gann coding here where I can get the different levels for buy and sell,if closing price of specific time is put into.
with thanks
niftyintune mitsonsbiotech
Dear,Gann analysis coding in beta stage and I am busy in coding of simple time forecasting indicator.In recent future i will post coding for intraday gann trading.Till then keep tune to ,comment and stay connected.
mitsonsbiotech niftyintune
Dear Suvendu jee,which price u take to get this Gann level.Pl help how to read Gann.I take usually opening price which has a good success ratio.Pl guide.
with thanks and regards.MKs
niftyintune mitsonsbiotech
Please tell me Which opening price you take which angle of reference and your trading horizon(intraday/Positional),Sucess Ratio(10 trade out of how much sucess) etc.
mitsonsbiotech niftyintune
Thanks for your prompt reply.I am a retired person and looking for trading opportunity in nifty trading exclusively.I am an intraday trader.I put the price of 9.30 closing price and level I get has a good success although opening price has also good success.My target and sl are of 20 points only which Gann provides.Some peoples take the closing price of yesterday but this baffles me when gap up/gap down opening next day.Pl guide what is the best way to trade Gann as it seems that u are having a good experience,
with thanks
mitsonsbiotech mitsonsbiotech
Usually I take the closing price of 9.30 and put into gann calculator ,note it down and I shall try to honour it.

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niftyintune mitsonsbiotech
I am a student of this number games and Game of Probability.I was following the same strategy in my early stage in 2011-2012 and stopped thinking for 2 years and recently i have coded nearly 20-30 number of Gann indicators.But i am not using all. All right i want to guide you to some extent,Please tell me your no of trade per day and your money management strategy.
niftyintune niftyintune
Your Gann angle of Reference.
mitsonsbiotech niftyintune
I trade maximum 2-3 trades of one lot each time.sometimes profit some times loss.Overall in loss up till now because i was taking too many trades.
Now I want a good probability trade.Did many back testing,Bar replay in amibroker which has guided me to keep myself away from unnecessary trades.I have capital of 2 lots.
with thanks
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