Nifty 15mins Long entry

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50指數
Will Update soon... bcos if I write desc now, we may miss trade !
交易進行: Hey Guys, Lets analyze why we entered the trade. In 15mins Nifty is in uptrend as marked by yellow trendlines and it pulled back to previous resistance 8500's which is also psychological support level. Then we have risk reward ratio of approx.2 which is very good.

So we took the trade and as expected after we took trade its moving up, if you guys want to trade for higher targets of 8600's,though we are in bullish trend, trail your stops very carefully.

Happy Trading !
評論: Hey Guys, I hope we have learnt lesson on patience and following trade plan with discipline. Even as we entered in 15mins this trade extended over a day keeping us guessing all the while where it will move and finally Nifty gave us plum profit of 40 points in this simple setup. Enjoy Profits.... Trade Responsibly :)
評論: As we are in strong bullish trend book partial positions and ride the wave till 8600's... Its Risk free trade anyway :P
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