Nuls Ahead of Schedule

BINANCE:NULSBTC   Nuls / Bitcoin
Anybody who sold at .90 cents in Nuls quiet December is probably kicking themselves now. Market cap currently at 109,000,000. Nuls insiders made bets to buy everybody on the staff dinner when the price hits $20.00 USD. That would only be a marketcap rise to 500,000,000 which seems easily attainable for Nuls, who sits on the top of the Binance page day after day. As I have no doubt it could make a run for 20, i had no idea it would jump start this quickly. With its customizable blockchain I am predicting it gets to 1 Billion quicker than anybody may realize. Although I feel like its a late start, a 1 Billion marketcap would still make 10x profits, 5x at the insiders prediction. The question remains... how long will it take? Getting to $4.00 looked like a 3 to 4 month process but it happened in less than a month. I do not currently own any Nuls... but if I see a drop under $4.20 I will hop on it before midnight. The other side of the globe rocks out on Nulls in the U.S. after hours!
評論: 4 Days after my post, NULS Marketcap goes to 160,000,000. I never bought any. It will continue to rise. FML
評論: Slow and agonizing pace upward = a slow knife going in for not holding in late Dec. Heading off to puke
This one was right on point. Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut
Hi, do you expect this to go short now?
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