NXPI is setting up in a large cup w/ handle

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The semi-conductors are getting ready to make another run (check out SMH ) and there are lots of names in the space that are looking strong.

I like NXPI for several reasons. Let's talk about the base:
1. It's setting up in a giant cup w/ handle that is about a year and a half long. The left side of the base is wide and loose and the right side of the base, particularly the handle area, has tightened up significantly. When we see tightness just as the pivot is forming, it allows a much more favorable reward to risk entry.
2. The long term moving averages (40wk line and 10wk line) are both turning upward, indicating momentum to the upside.
3. The RS line is leading the way and is trending higher
4. The lower part of the handle has pulled in quietly, on very light volume , into the 50dma. This both shows sellers drying up AND offers a good logical place for support

The industry group, as mentioned earlier, is setting up for a move higher. Per investors.com the semi-conductor group is ranked 5 out of 197. Additionally, in my own stock scanner ChartYourTrade MRI, (learn more here https://chartyourtrade.com/shop/cyt-mri-...) the semi-conductor group has returned the 2nd most number of stocks. When large numbers of stocks from the same industry group begin passing the scanner, its often been an indication that the group is preparing for a move. I believe we're seeing confirmation of that in SMH and in investors.com as well.
Question is if $QCOM merger needs to go through to get this to move. Could be dead money for awhile, no?
@NJgolfer, depends on what your definition of a while is. MDVN (no longer listed) was in a similar boat. It traded sideways for about 3-4 weeks below the pivot before finally breaking out and then ran.

For me, the entry (99.43) to exit (95.88) is a tight enough reward:risk to sit with it for a little while if it triggers. That said, I'm also not afraid to sell some if it is going nowhere for another opportunity.
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