NXTBTC May reaching a bottom

2822 17
This Pair is reaching a bottom

buy from this yellow zone

a rally is expected to happen
so we went to yellow line
@tntsunrise price not down to the yellow zone and start fly what i should do buy or wiat ???
The NXT is grate platform Blockchain ChildBlock System
The Peoples are thinking wrong about on it
they want take money from crypto
After Airdrop NXT in last days on 2017 from snapshot
Peoples sold all the coins with no reason because they are follow money and not following future technology
and nxt dumped huge in market with many bag heavy sells with poor peoples bags following money

But i think Futures is NXT Platform System in market
and as soon as see a huge rising up with nxt
potential of rising NXT so heavy
The Real NXT holders believe NXT do not selling it and keep trying more buying and saving it in their bags...
jeezyman jeezyman
@jeezyman, its going back to that price was placed 2.00$ for first move
@jeezyman, Jeez man, how you can believe it. It was massively pumped to ridicoulous levels, just to be dumped for airdrop, a lot of pumpers were on it.
NXT was/is good, but Ardor is replacing it mainly.
Btw. NXT is heavly manipulated by whales, which got in 2013-15, and didn't sell, they have these coins almost for free. Like 1M coins were sold for 0,021BTC when BTC was 650USD...
So for 13USD they got 300.000USD in today's prices. That's insane, and probably beyond any imagination. Even 13USD investment in BTC, would be hard to beat it.
interesting , what would be the target?
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@favio, as my arrow
favio tntsunrise
@tntsunrise, well i was wondering because many ppl think this coin has no more fundamental or is legacy tech
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