Last call to Stratosphere with NXT!!!

1187 10
Since November 2016 I did not open this chart and to my surprise my lines were still marked.
The graph is self-explanatory and we see a strong break in the weekly with an oversized OBV. Maybe we'll see something similar to what I put on BURST last week.
The breaking of the Fibonacci Level in 4300 satoshis will start the takeoff.
I've already raised position and I hope she breaks the ATH .

Good luck to us !!!
交易進行: After surpass the Fibonacci in 4370 satoshis, the next resistance is in 6k. I believe that with the swap NXT-IGNIS (Q3) turns the analisys very possible to reach any targets.
Yesterday was beautiful with each sell wall desintegrating and more and more. I`m happy with this score.

Thanks for your "like" and your "watch". Sucess for us.
評論: I found a "cup and handle" in daily timeframe. It`s happening!!!
交易結束:目標達成: T1 - Mission Accomplished.

Yes, it`s possible!!! If we consider the begin in 4370 (i enten in 3600), the profit is 96.1%.

Maybe another fibo level is necessary. If trespass the 8570, we can hope more... A historical operation.

Congratulations! You will!
great sir
cleitonrat ahmedjatt62
@ahmedjatt62, thank you so much. I hope that the dream continues.
Nooooo its dying :'(
cleitonrat BenRiley
@BenRiley, why twist against?
Wish i got in when you guys did this is crazy growth!
This should be good buy? dropped to support lane?
cleitonrat killa007
@killa007, not for now. My forecast is pegged to exceed the value of 4350. My setup does not indicate a purchase at this time.
killa007 cleitonrat
@cleitonrat, yes but it broke 2 years trend line and stopped right at previous resistance line, which should be buy signal. I will keep an eye on it, thanks for answer.
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