Next has finally reached the bottom and is trending on a heavy support line. This is a great buying opportunity especially with top 100 coins surging due to institutional money beginning to heavily invest in the market.

So... my problem is... I want to be in Vertcoin, ETC, TenX and ZEC at the same time... But NXT has retraced over 70% since like... not even 2 weeks ago....

How to choose? I am in NXT right now since last night.

I hate diversifying.
Tyrac71 P-U-M-P
@P-U-M-P, Lol me too, I guess it all depends on what your risk/reward tolerance is. The key I think is to look for coins that have had a good run and are consolidating and have the volume behind them to buy into. This is definitely a long trade.
P-U-M-P Tyrac71
@Tyrac71, Actually... I just switched because I see that Patientory hasn't PUMPed yet (though it has gone up since December) and it has an event in San Francisco starting tomorrow... AND it's a MICROcap (like $40 MILLION USD marketcap!).

Only reason it hasn't PUMPed is because it's way down on the list. But it will PUMP. People just have to discover it. I think it will PUMP much sooner than NXT.
+1 回覆
P-U-M-P Tyrac71
@Tyrac71, Well... isn't that interesting? I'm not falling for it. Here's why:

1) Look at the Bitcoin+altcoin market cap: $0.8 TRILLION... ($800 BILLION)
2) Cryptos are easy to manipulate and spread negative rumors about so Whales and mini-Whales can accumulate.
3) Look at XRP, Verge... OMG look at Verge.. They were saying it was a scam near the end of November and it was under 100 sat....

It's the same pattern over-and-over.

NOW... I am not a long-term investor (except for Bitcoin)... but even if PTOY is crap... it doesn't matter... which leads to #4

4) More and more people are coming into crypto: like 100k per day signing-up (I think on coinbase alone?)
5) People are not aware of all the news
6) People will be searching down the list and buying what they think is cheap.. like penny stocks.

So.. I'm not worried about. I am buying this coin because it will PUMP.

DON"T LET THE MARKET MAKERS FOOL YOU! The Whales will spread lies, rumors, and misinformation before the PUMPS. Small market cap coins are especially easy to manipulate.

Fyi ;)
P-U-M-P Tyrac71
@Tyrac71, Almost forgot... BCash! They all said it was a scam... And who knows... maybe it is but it sure PUMPED from $200.
P-U-M-P Tyrac71
@Tyrac71, Remember: FEAR & GREED. If we didn't have all this misinformation then the markets would be flat and there would be little volatility. We make money from the volatility; not from the fundamentals... I suppose one could make money from the fundamentals.... but I do not understand what practical value all these cryptocurrencies have... they are ahead of their time. Bitcoin is only one I see useful.
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