NXT possible comeback?

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NXT was dumped after the snapshot of IGNIS. From 4H chart we can see that NXT is still in consolidation, and it looks like we have good support at around 0.00004 level. From the trend line we can see that NXT is either goes up (to B) or goes down to 0.00001 support level (to A).

My target prediction is around 0.00008 level, and it can goes farther from here. Let's see what NXT can do.
I would say this can be rewarding judging from the risk and reward.
Cut loss: 0.00003.

Any comment is appreciated. Thank you.
交易進行: holding on, grab your popcorn.
評論: From the chart now, we can see that NXT is low enough, but haven't broken the downtrend line. Price still going inside the Triangle.

HODL for nice profit.

*I have moved some of my nxt into other alt coin, feel free to manage your own money.
Bought some again, hodl and it will rise for sure, actually feel like it's a great opportunity
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@spcottie, Bought a bag just now thanks to almighy Bitcoin! :) You think it will PUMP with to the 80 level in a week?
Glanzspade mightytrader
@mightytrader, well, all we can do is waiting for it to happen. Just hold for now and watch out if price breaks support zone.
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Love NXT, I have 50% of my coin in it, it's great moment to invest, RSI is low for long, MACD has up trend.- Can't miss opportunity
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TimDeleeuw spcottie
@spcottie, I'm in too. Stop loss at 3500 must BTC start raging.
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safe buying area starts after 5812?
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Glanzspade versohner
@versohner, yeah, once it break 5500ish resist, it will fly like plan. :)
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