NXT found bottom time to move upward.

NXT found bottom and it will reverse soon. We have three targets.
I hope it goes up again :)
It has touched 4400 sats twice today, I think it will do it one more time, perhabs even more
JamesNiro Alexirnoch
@Alexirnoch, whenever it goes to resistance twice it shows strong sign for upward movement. When it comes around the third time it will break through it.
there is resistance at 4750 satoshi
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Alexirnoch JamesNiro
@JamesNiro, you mean 4450 :S
JamesNiro Alexirnoch
@Alexirnoch, didnt see the 4450 one; there are two 4450 and 4750; it seems like it will go through the first one
go go go :) next target 4400 sats
The moment has arrived, strong resistance at 4185 sats, this is critical, prepare to take profit or take the risk , could go till 4500 sats, just got till 4200 at this very moment
Looks like NTX has found a base line at 3920 sats, there are no news related to NTX for this week/month however this baseline could be a sign of collective excitement causing a possible ascending, will be slow, so bye around 3890-3920 sats and take profit at 4200-4500 sats, don´t get greedy, use 4500 as first target. After that no one knows whats going to happen
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